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We are moving towards a greater sense of common purpose and solidarity as a world community.- His Excellency Mohamed A. Sahnoun

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AWEPA and CEMAC Parliament signing a Memorandum of Understanding

AWEPA and CEMAC Parliament signing a Memorandum of Understanding

AWEPA works in cooperation with African Parliaments to strengthen parliamentary democracy in Africa, to keep Africa high on the political agenda in Europe and to facilitate African-European Parliamentary dialogue.


AWEPA’s overall objective is to support the realisation of human rights and development in Africa via strengthening democratic institutions.
With the help of parliamentarians and elected officials worldwide, AWEPA actively supports human resource development and institutional capacity building within parliaments made up of decentralised authorities.
AWEPA concentrates on:

  • The key role of parliaments in facilitating democracy, human rights, peaceful conflict management, poverty reduction and sustainable development
  • The attainment of gender equality at all levels of political decision-making
  • The common interests of African-European parliamentarians
  • Building parliamentary networks and experience sharing at national, regional and inter-regional levels

It aims to achieve this objective by promoting:

  • Parliamentary competency and authority
  • Good governance based on separation of powers
  • Increased participation of women in decision-making (increased participation)
  • Participation of civil society in the political process
  • Independent and qualified media