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We are moving towards a greater sense of common purpose and solidarity as a world community.- His Excellency Mohamed A. Sahnoun

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Governing Council

Photo of AWEPA Governing Council 2012, Rome

AWEPA Governing Council 2012, Rome

The AWEPA Governing Council is the highest political body within AWEPA and comprises mostly of representatives from the AWEPA Sections in the European Parliament and the national parliaments of Europe. It operates as a general assembly for a five year term and meets at least once a year. It decides on the overall policy of AWEPA and is chaired by the President, Minister of State Ms. Miet Smet. Executive Committee members are members of the Governing Council as representatives of this body, not as representatives of their country.

AWEPA has a broad network of parliamentarians and former parliamentarians from across Europe, with over 1700 members. Each country that forms an AWEPA Section appoints a Head of Section who is the first contact point for AWEPA, and functions as their Sections first representative on the Governing Council unless they delegate otherwise. A Section is authorized to appoint more representatives to the AWEPA Governing Council dependent on the number of members in their Section, having one member for each 50 members up to a total of three members. The Head of Sections for 2012 were:

Petra BayrHon. Petra Bayr, Austria Sabine de BethuneHon. Sabine de Bethune (currently President of the Senate) , Belgium
Alain DestexheHon. Alain Destexhe (Vice President of Belgium Section ad interim Head of Section), Belgium Antigoni PapadopouluHon. Antigoni Papadopoulu, Cyprus
Jan HamáčekHon. Jan Hamacek, Czech Republic Karsten LauritzenHon. Karsten Lauritzen, Denmark
Filip KaczmarekHon. Filip Kaczmarek, European Parliament Head of Estonian Section: Mart NuttHon. Dr. Mart Nutt, Estonia
Head of Finnish Section - Jani ToivolaHon. Jani Toivola, Finland Jan RoegiersHon. Jan Roegiers, Flanders
Head of German Section - Patrick MeinhardtHon. Patrick Meinhardt, Germany Theodossis GeorgiouHon. Theodossis Georgiou, Greece
Gàbor HarangozóHon. Gàbor Harangozó, Hungary Maureen O’Sullivan Hon. Maureen O’Sullivan, Ireland
Head of Italian Section -Enrico PianettaHon. Enrico Pianetta, Italy Ingrida CirceneHon. Ingrida Circene, Latvia
Egidijus VareikisHon. Egidijus Vareikis, Lithuania Leo BrincatHon. Leo Brincat, Malta
Marianne Marthinsen Hon. Marianne Marthinsen, Norway Tadeusz IwińskiHon. Tadeusz Iwiński, Poland
Maria Antonia Moreno Areias De Almeida SantosHon. Maria Antónia de Almeida Santos, Portugal Minodora ClivetiHon. Minodora Cliveti, Romania
Head of Slovakian Section Boris ZalaHon. Boris Zala, Slovakia Josep MaldonadoHon. Josep Maldonado i Gili, Spain
Kerstin LundgrenHon. Kerstin Lundgren, Sweden Maja IngoldHon. Maja Ingold, Switzerland
David ChidgeyLord David Chidgey, United Kingdom