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We are moving towards a greater sense of common purpose and solidarity as a world community.- His Excellency Mohamed A. Sahnoun

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Strategic vision


Mission Statement: AWEPA works in cooperation with African Parliaments to strengthen parliamentary democracy in Africa, to keep Africa high on the political agenda in Europe, and to facilitate African-European parliamentary dialogue.

AWEPA is unique in its composition as both a parliamentary association and a project management organization for parliamentary capacity development. It has a very specific mandate related to Africa, and to European policies affecting Africa. AWEPA’s mission, to strengthen African parliaments and African-European parliamentary relations, remains relevant and necessary. AWEPA has the added value of political engagement of active parliamentarians, broad networks in Africa and Europe, long experience as a trusted partner in democratization, and an extensive infrastructure of African offices and staff. AWEPA is ideally placed as a provider of democracy support services to Africa, and is also appreciated in Africa for working to keep Africa on the political agenda in Europe.

AWEPA is driven by political leadership; and its leaders, both African and European, share a vision of reinvigorated parliaments as the foundations of future democracy, peace and prosperity. Given the regular replenishment of parliamentary membership at each election, AWEPA and its partners provide a neutral peer-learning service to new and incumbent African and European parliamentarians, who learn from each other how best to strengthen their democracies, and who renew the policy debate on how to improve African-European relations. AWEPA, through its network of members in national parliaments of Europe, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, has the opportunity to raise issues of common concern and act as a catalyst for policy dialogue.

AWEPA has one central aim, common to all the contexts in which it operates, and that is the pursuit of parliamentary excellence. AWEPA’s main purpose, our core vision, is to increase the capacity and performance of parliaments, so that they are confident, empowered and effective to deal with a wide range of human rights and development challenges, not least those emanating from common concerns such as food, fuel and employment crises, corruption, climate change, immigration and terrorism.

Priorities for 2012-2016 include the following:

Membership: expand membership across Europe, especially in new EU members
Partnerships: strengthen bonds with regional parliaments and women’s caucuses
Programmes: support institutional capacity, thematic competence and oversight
Methodology: renew assessment, monitoring, evaluation and quality processes
Donor Relations: deepen our dialogue with donors and broaden the funding base

Achieving AWEPA’s core objective of strong, fully transformative, fully democratising African parliaments will depend upon being better equipped with core resources to invest in our membership sections in Europe, in our staff, and in our African partnerships. AWEPA appeals to our donors to provide institutional support. This is essential to maintain within AWEPA the required high levels of quality and professionalism, and to building on our peer learning partnerships and networks.

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