Mary Robinson

Le XXIème siècle c’est le siècle de l’Afrique.- Mary Robinson

Membre du Comité consultatif Eminent de l'AWEPA


The Austrian AWEPA Section in Parliament has currently more than 70 members, mostly active but also former MPs of the Austrian Parliament. Hon. Petra Bayr is heading the section as Chairperson; her deputies are Hon. Franz Glaser and Hon. Judith Schwentner.
Honorary Chairpersons of the Austrian AWEPA section are Hon. Barbara Prammer, President of the National Council, Hon. Fritz Neugebauer, II President of the National Council, and Hon. Eva Glawischnig former III. President of the National Council.

The AWEPA section is embedded into a larger project called the “North-South Dialogue of Parliaments”, which aims to strengthen political and societal support for development politics and international co-operation on national and bi-lateral levels. More information about the North-South Dialogue of Parliaments can be found on the project website: Since March 2009 a periodical Newsletter for the members of the Austrian AWEPA-section in Parliament is being circulated in digital format. All back issues can be found here. (German only)

Head of Section

Petra Bayr

Hon. Petra Bayr

Petra Bayr has been a member of the Austrian Parliament, SPÖ party, since 2002, and functions as SPÖ spokesperson for Global development. She is Deputy chair of the SPÖ Women’s Organisation in Vienna and a Member of the Executive Committee of the EPF (European Parliamentary Forum).


Deputy Head of Section

Franz Glaser

Hon. Franz Glaser

Franz Glaser from the Austrian Peoples Party (ÖVP) is a member of the Austrian Parliament since 2002 and became spokesperson for Development Policies in 2005. He is mayor of his hometown Burgauberg-Neudauberg in the Austrian federal province of Burgenland and serves as chairman of the Institute for Environment, Peace and Development in Vienna.


Deputy Head of Section

Judith SchwentnerHon. Judith Schwentner

Judith Schwentner from the Austrian Green Party became a member of the Austrian Parliament in 2008 and functions as spokesperson for Women Affairs as well as Development Policies. She majored in German and Slavic studies and was chief editor of the street newspaper “Megaphon” sold by homeless people and refugees in the Austrian federal province of Styria.



  1. November 2012 – Newsletter Austrian section AWEPA (Nr. 35)
  2. October 2012 – Newsletter Austrian section AWEPA (Nr.34)
  3. 12 June 2012 – Seminar Vienna Fact-sheet Part 1
  4. 12 June 2012 – Seminar Vienna Fact-sheet Part 1
  5. 4 Dec 2011 – FAIRTRADE – Exhibition in Parliament.
  6. 1 Dec 2011 – Hon. Petra Bayr calls for stronger role of MP’s in the development process at Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan.
  7. 16 Oct 2011 – Austrian AWEPA Section takes action on World Food Day – In cooperation with FIAN Austria (FoodFirst Information and Action Network).
  8. 31 Aug -1 Sep 2011 – Wolfgang Pirklhuber, member of the Austrian AWEPA section, participated in AWEPA-workshop on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Johannesburg.
  9. 28 Jun 2011 – Seminar on Agriculture and Food Security.
  10. 28 Jun 2011 – Seminar: “Agriculture and Food Security – Towards a coherent political strategy”.
  11. 18 May 2011 – FAIRTRADE-Exhibition in Parliament. 
  12. 8 Mar 2011 – Round Table on Bilateral Investment Treaties.
  13. 4 Mar 2011 – All party resolution to strengthen women’s participation in peace processes (DE).
  14. 25 Nov 2010 – All party initiative to stop violence against women and Female Circumcision (DE).

Within the project “North-South Dialogue of Parliaments” various events have been organised in cooperation with AWEPA and supported by numerous AWEPA-members:

  1. 24 Jun 2010 –  Seminar: “The New Aid Architecture: Parliamentary Action to Ensure Aid Effectiveness”, Austrian Parliament/Vienna.
  2. 24 Jun 2009 – Seminar: “Getting Involved – The Role of Parliamentarians in Ensuring Aid Effectiveness”, Austrian Parliament/Vienna.
  3. 21 Nov 2008 – Seminar: “HIV/AIDS and Vulnerable Children – A Call for Parliamentary Action”, Palais Epstein/Vienna.

The AWEPA-supported project “North-South Dialogue of Parliaments” issued two thematic brochures focusing on policy coherence for development as well as aid effectiveness (German only):

  1. Politikkohärenz im Interesse der Entwicklung – Ein Leitfaden zu Policy Coherence for Development 
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