Mary Robinson

Le XXIème siècle c’est le siècle de l’Afrique.- Mary Robinson

Membre du Comité consultatif Eminent de l'AWEPA


The Italian AWEPA Section has been re-established during a meeting with Members of the Chamber of Deputies and Sentate in the Italian Parliament on 27 September. AWEPA Governing Council Member Hon. Mario Barbi chaired the meeting as substitute for the Head of the Section Hon. Enrico Pianetta. AWEPA President Ms. Miet Smet briefed the Members about AWEPA’s programmes and Sections. Former EALA Speaker Hon. Abdirahin Halthar Abdi spoke about the support by AWEPA to the East African Legislative Assembly and AWEPA Director Programme Development Mr. John McKendy informed them of the AWEPA Programme in Somalia. The Italian AWEPA Section showed an interest in strengthening the ties with the Horn of Africa, particularly with Somalia and in Sub-Sahara Africa with Mali.

Head of Section

Head of Italian Section -Enrico Pianetta

Hon. Enrico Pianetta

Hon. Pianetta is a Member of the Chamber of Deputies and Chairman of the Sub-Committee on the MDGs. He is a member of the People of Freedom party.

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