Mary Robinson

Le XXIème siècle c’est le siècle de l’Afrique.- Mary Robinson

Membre du Comité consultatif Eminent de l'AWEPA


Head of Section

Maria Antonia Moreno Areias De Almeida Santos

Hon. Maria Antónia de Almeida Santos

The Portugal Section totals 55 members is led by Hon. Maria Antónia de Almeida Santos. She is a Portuguese politician, member of the Socialist Party and currently a Member of parliament (MP). She is a lawyer by profession and has extensive experience regarding drug abuse, having served as President of the Commission for Drug Addiction in Lisbon Deterrence from June 2001 to January 2005 and having publsihed an article on the issue:”Contributions to an analysis of the experience of drug use decriminalized.” 2004. Addictions Journal, Volume 10, No 1.

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