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The 21st century is Africa’s century.- Mary Robinson

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AWEPA Sections- Flanders

Head of Section

Jan Roegiers

Hon. Jan Roegiers

The new AWEPA section in the Flanders Parliament was established in 2010 and headed by Hon. Jan Roegiers.Hon. Jan Roegiers is Head of the Flanders AWEPA Section. He is a Member of the SPA party, and represents them in the areas of Foreign Affairs, European issues, Development Cooperation, Mobility and Public Works. He is also a Member of the Committee of the Regions, Benelux Parliament

Resolution on War Rape and on FGM

The Flemish Parliament and AWEPA Section are in the process of preparing two resolutions, one on on war rape in Eastern Congo and the Great Lakes region, and another on Female Genital Mutilation.

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