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Spanish Section of AWEPA

AWEPA Founding and Honorary President Dr. Jan Nico Scholten visiting the Spanish AWEPA Section

The Spanish section of AWEPA has recently been re-established during the Spanish EU Presidency seminar in February 2010 with help from Spanish AWEPA Governing Council member and former head of the Spanish AWEPA Section, Mr. Francisco Arnau.
AWEPA Founding and Honorary President Dr. Jan Nico Scholten recently visited Madrid in June and met with Senator Maldonado and members of Spanish AWEPA Executive Committee to discuss the future plans.

Head of Section

Josep Maldonado

Josep Maldonado

The successor of Mr. Arnau is Senator Josep Maldonado, who also presides over the newly established Executive Committee in Spain. Sen. Maldonado says that this section, which is comprised of eight senators and three deputies, will focus on the goal of involving “Spanish political representatives in promoting and strengthening parliamentary democracy in Africa.

Iñaqui Anasagasti, Matilde Fernández, María Teresa Camacho, Jordi Guillot, Adoración Quesada, Pedro Torres and Elvira Velasco as well as Mr. Maldonado are the senators who belong to AWEPA Spain. The representation of the Congress is shaped by Aitor Esteban, Javier Lasarte and Beatriz Rodríguez-Salmones.

Future Plans for the Spanish Section

Maldonado has announced that after the establishment of this Executive Committee “they will begin with the presentation before the Bureau and Presidents of the Congress and the Senate and maintain contacts with African Ambassadors in Spain.” The Executive Committee, as the Senator indicated, also intends “to draw up an action plan which ensures that the AWEPA Spain section is a strong one, to promote relations with the rest of Europe and to build bridges of dialogue with African parliaments.”

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