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AWEPA Spain Celebrates Mandela Day

July 18, 2012

Nelson Mandela was born in a poor area of South Africa on July 18th,1918. Ninety-two years later people worldwide celebrate Mandela Day on his birthday in honour of a man who changed the history of his country and Africa as a whole.
Mr. Mandela was a leader in the fight against apartheid and spent decades in prison as a result of his protestation against the corrupt regime. However, his thoughts and ideas permeated the walls of his jail cell and affected people around the world. The admiration for this influential man was especially apparent during the recent World Cup in South Africa. Perhaps it was not only the athletes who were being celebrated but also Mandela who in many ways embodies South African liberation.
Mandela’s lasting influence serves as inspiration for those fighting against injustice in Africa today and it is therefore important to dedicate a day to the man who has helped so many find the courage to confront such problems. AWEPA Spain celebrates Mandela Day in order to commemorate the person who sacrificed so much for the freedom of his people.