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Conference: ‘Preventing Food Crises’

October 15, 2012

On 15 October, on the eve of the World Food Day, a conference under the title „Preventing Food Crises” was held at the Sejm of Poland accompanied by a photo exhibition “World without Hunger”. The event’s organiser was the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). Honorary patronage over the event was assumed by Ewa Kopacz, Speaker of the Sejm. The organisation of the conference was supported by the Polish Committee for Foreign Affairs and the Polish AWEPA Section. Ms. Miet Smet, President of AWEPA, has come to Poland especially for the conference. To view the program of  this conference click here.

Where there is hunger, there is no hope; there is only desolation and pain. Hunger nurtures violence and fanaticism. A world where people starve will never be safe.

Address by Luiz Inácio da Silva „Lula”, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil 2003-2010, at the UN General Assembly Session in New York, 2006

16 October was established the International Food Day in 1979, on the 34th anniversary of founding the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisations (UNFAO). Observing the Food Day was endorsed in 1980 by the UN General Assembly which stressed that  “food is a requisite for human survival and well-being and a fundamental human necessity”. The purpose of observing the International Food Day is to deepen the public awareness of global foot problems and strengthening the feeling of solidarity in the fight against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

 The participants of the conference held at the Sejm discussed long-term and systemic solutions to the problem of hunger. The debate pertained, among others, to the possibility of Poland’s greater involvement in preventing crises, prospects of necessary international and intersectoral cooperation in this field as well as constructing permanent food security through investments and changes in the agricultural system. Current situation in the Horn of Africa and Poland’s actions in this region were also the subject of discussion. During the conference, PAH representatives submitted to the Sejm and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a petition for Poland to adopt the Charter to End Extreme Hunger, a document describing five key fields of action necessary for combating food crises.

The conference was attended by the representatives of the Sejm, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as the representatives of academic circles and NGOs.

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