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Provincial meeting with Burundian Communal Councillors in the framework of the Senate decentralisation process

March 14, 2013

Since 2007, AWEPA supports the Senate of Burundi in the framework of its broader project “Permanent outline for consultation and dialogue between Senators and local Councilors”. As part of the project, Senators regularly visit different Burundian provinces in order to exchange with elected municipal representatives. These visits represent a suitable occasion for Senators to better perform their role of representatives of the citizenship and to be more aware of the needs of citizens at the local level. Among other aspects, Senator-Councillor dialogue is crucial since Senators are elected amongst and by local Councillors.

Special attention is given to the Burundian process of decentralization. On this occasion, Senators will meet the communal councilors of the province of Cankuzo. All senators, Councillors of the province, representatives of civil society and members of the Technical Ministries are invited. The AWEPA-Burundi political coordinator, Hon. Lydia Maximus, and Awepa staff will take part in this activity as a follow-up of the activities already supported by AWEPA in the past. The encounter will focus on the decentralisation process, steps achieved, challenges and advantages in their communal development. Four experts in decentralisation and development will provide orientations. For this legislature, security issues such as “the police force working near the population” will be part of the discussions.