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The AWEPA UK Section and the International Day of the Girl Child

October 11, 2012

On 11 October Lord Chidgey, Chair of the United Kingdom AWEPA group, sent a letter to the Secretary of State for International Development, Hon. Justine Greening MP to bring to her attention the inaugural International Day of the Girl Child. In his letter Lord Chidgey furthermore asked what measures the Department of International Development is taking, or plans to take, within the international community, to prioritise adolescent girls and tackle child marriage, within the DFID programme. For the full letter click here.
In the Order Paper of 11 October there were also five Written Questions on the issue of child marriage. To read these questions click here.

In addition, there are two parliamentary inquiries into the issue currently ongoing in the UK. The first inquiry is being conducted by the House of Commons Education Select Committee into Child Protection in the UK, which includes the issue of forced marriages. The Committee has concluded its oral evidence sessions and a report is currently being drafted. Further information about the inquiry can be found via the following link.

The second inquiry is being undertaken by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health explicitly into the issue of Child Marriage. This All Party Parliamentary Group has conducted evidence sessions, and is currently in the process of compiling a report which will be launched and disseminated. Further information about this inquiry can be found here.