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Parliament of Rwanda

The Parliament of Rwanda has decided to set up an Ad Hoc Committee to analyse the evolution of relations between DRC and Rwanda over the past fifteen years. A report was written by the Ad Hoc Committee in Kinyarwanda.

Meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Parliament of Rwanda to analyse the evolution of relations between DRC and Rwanda. From left to right: Hon. Bazatoha, Hon. Mukansine, Hon. Karangwa, Hon. Mukabalisa and Hon. Kayinamura.


AWEPA has provided parliamentary support to both Chambers of the Parliament of Rwanda since 2003, which includes activities with parliamentarians and staff members. In 2012, the programme also involved Parliamentary diplomacy, conflict prevention as well as peace consolidation. AWEPA’s Programme in Rwanda is focused on implementing projects such as field visits of Parliamentary Committees to Provinces, parliamentary seminars, and workshops in collaboration with experts, as well as visits in the framework of peace building. Training on technical issues has also been organised with staff members. Furthermore, the AWEPA Programme in Rwanda is working with the Chamber of Deputies on its evaluation, with the aim of making a critical and prospective assessment during the current legislature and identifying good practices and weaknesses.


AWEPA’s objective in its partnership with the Parliament of Rwanda is to support the Parliament’s tripartite mission of legislating, controlling the actions of government and representing the people. To achieve this goal, AWEPA’s specific objectives in 2012 were:
The programme and its activities served the specific objective of improving the capacity of the South Sudan National Legislative Assembly to respond to the challenges it faces in the discharge of its legislative, oversight and representative functions. Thus, it contributed to building a strong, institutionalised legislative branch of government in South Sudan through:
• to contribute to the capacity building of Rwandan parliamentarians on the submission and the development of
legislation but also on the oversight of government action;

  • to contribute to the functioning of the joint Chambers Ad Hoc Committee on the situation in eastern DRC;
  • to strengthen the representative function of Parliament by facilitating field visits;
  • to perform a critical and prospective assessment of the work done by the Chamber of Deputies during its first legislature;
  • to enhance the capacity of the administration, especially in archiving;
  • to enhance parliamentary diplomacy and conflict prevention in the Great Lakes region via exchange visits and meetings, especially between Congolese and Rwandan parliamentarians.


The following impacts can be attributed to the actions of AWEPA in

  • administrative services of the Parliament were enhanced after a group of librarians and archivists attended an eight-month capacity building training;
  • field visits strengthened the representative function of parliamentarians. Rwandan parliamentarians were made more aware of the status and prospects of foreign refugees in Rwanda;
  • in the aim of contributing to conflict prevention and peace consolidation between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), an Ad Hoc Committee successfully analysed and reported on the evolution of relations between the two countries over the past 15 years.


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