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South Sudan’s Legislative Assembly (SSLA) and Local Councils

South Sudan’s Legislative Assembly (SSLA) and Local Councils

Cooking after a local council training in Kediba, South Sudan.


South Sudan is marred by bitter ethnic divisions that date back more than 100 years. AWEPA believes they can only be solved by education, economic development and responsive governance. This programme strengthens the capacity of ten Local Councils of Western and Central Equatoria States through training of all Councillors in five extensive training modules using a Train the Trainer methodology, publications and community outreach visits. Special emphasis is placed on the promotion and respect of human rights, peace and reconciliation and gender equality in the interest of easing tensions between communities and improving human security. The programme ensures a consultative law-making process and serves as
a cornerstone for participatory and democratic governance, giving society the resilience to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence.


The Parliamentary Capacity Building programme, implemented by AWEPA in close cooperation with the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) in South Sudan, serves the overall objective of improving human security, strengthening the state of law and decreasing structural poverty, through participatory leadership, good governance,
accountability and improved service delivery by effective legislatures in South Sudan. The Programme organises community outreach visits in order to help Councillors and NLA Members strengthen their relationships with the people they represent. Furthermore, it facilitates dialogue between Councillors, Members of Parliament, Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Faith Based Organisations (FBOs). It also supports the interface between the Assembly and the public through printed and electronic media.

Lastly, with the increase of tribal violence in South Sudan undermining the stability of the new State, special attention is given to enhancing the role of parliamentarians in conflict prevention and resolution, peace building and respect for human rights. Therefore, AWEPA also facilitates reconciliation meetings between the Members of the NLA and the tribal leaders.


  • The first training module on decentralisation and the local South Sudanese Government system was developed and published;
  • 20 South Sudanese (two staff members from each of the ten Local Councils) were trained as local trainers for Councillors at the first training module on decentralisation and the local government system in South Sudan.

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