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Supporting Legislative Institutions in Somalia

supporting legislative institutions in Somalia

Late 2012, Daily Life in Mogadishu Returns to Normal. UN Photo/Tobin Jones


AWEPA has actively been supporting Legislative Institutions in Somalia since 2002, first with support from the European Commission and later with support from the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of the Netherlands. Partnerships have also been developed with the United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Somalia, which have also co-financed activities carried out under the Somali programme. New agreements have been concluded for the
continuation of support with both the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union. A systematic coordination mechanism is also in place to ensure that AWEPA’s support remains relevant. It is in the context of this second decade that the SAPL Programme has become even more relevant, now focusing on the promotion of service delivery and poverty reduction. As a response to the call for the South African Provincial Legislatures to exercise more vigorous and effective oversight, the AWEPA-SAPL Programme has
contributed to the capacity building of the Provincial Legislatures, as well as to those involved in public participation and law-making. This programme has been made possible through the financial support of the SDC and the Flemish Government.


The overall objective of this programme is to contribute towards democratic development of a modern state, which embodies the principles of good governance, effective representation, accountability and transparency, and respect for human rights. This is done through supporting the capacity and development of Somali Legislative Institutions to perform their functions. Besides the traditional functions of representing constituents, debating, amending and passing legislation, and exercising oversight over
executive actions, in the Somali context, an additional function can be added; to reconcile opposing parties.
In 2012, the AWEPA programme focussed in assisting the newly inaugurated Federal Parliament to develop its capacities to play its role in stabilizing the political environment, re-connecting with citizens, and performing the traditional roles of a Parliament. All support given has the full ownership of the Legislative Institutions concerned.


Training has proceeded at institutional level as well as at the levels of Leadership, Committees and staff on both general and specialized topics, depending on the priorities identified by the institution concerned. These and other facilities have improved institutional capacities to respond to a broad variety of challenges. Although there continue to be challenges on the security front, the project has been able so far to mitigate these obstacles, and facilities provided at the request of the institution concerned, continue to be implemented. A new development is that Mogadishu is now accessible. Thereafter the new Federal Parliament is meeting regularly.

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